Our Insurance Policies

Don't make the mistake of using a company with no insurance! Just imagine how you would feel if any of your items were damaged and the company did not have adequate insurance in place. It just isn't worth the risk!



Our insurances are detailed below;


- Goods in Transit insurance


This covers any of your items which we are moving for you. It covers the items both when they are in the van and also when we are carrying them to/from your property to/from the van.


Level of cover - £10,000 - Note that this cover can be increased for a small fee, should your goods exceed the value of £10,000.


Please note that the contents of boxes are only covered for damage when packed by our team, not when packed by our customers.


- Public Liability Insurance


This covers damage to third-party property as well as covering us for injury to a client or member of the public.


Level of cover - £2,000,000



If you require proof of any of our insurance policies, please just ask and we shall show you the documentation before we carry out any work for you.


Please note that there may be a small premium for any work which is outside of the UK.